Daily Dairy

Changes in index page.

The index page of multi-user plugin just came with login and sign in option. When ever I open the index page it shows login option but I want it to comes with option to short the URL for those who does not have an account. Finally I did changes. Now it is working urlslice.me . 

Daily Dairy

Yourls on server.

I finally installed YOURLS on server. I got $50 at Digitalocean using GitHub Student's pack. I bought a server first then register a free domain at Namecheap. I found one with name urlslice.me. And finally it's working. Now I decided to create a logo for urlslice.me. Then I have to edit Yourls Firefox and Chrome extensions with my own logo… Continue reading Yourls on server.

Daily Dairy

How to modify .xpi file(Firef0x addon).

What is a file with .xpi file extension? An abbreviation for Cross-Platform Install (or XPInstall), a file with the .xpi file extension is a Mozilla/Firefox Browser Extension Archive file used to extend the functionality of Mozilla Firefox. How to install a file with .xpi file extension? The Mozilla Firefox browser uses .xpi files to provide extendability… Continue reading How to modify .xpi file(Firef0x addon).