HP product reviews | Don’t buy a HP laptop

In May 2016, I bought my Notebook 15 a product of HP having model ac179tx with the product no. and serial no. T0Z58PA and CND6105V70 

Here is my first issue:

That was in the next month of purchasing. Here is the confirmation email for this case.

After the confirmation of this email the technician attend the complaint at my home on 28/5/2016. He opened my laptop for first time. He repaired my fan it was working good and also the fan error was gone. 

After that my first case was closed. It takes 3 days to resolve my problem. I was little happy for being repaired my laptop in 3 days but was also sad because the problem came in just next month of purchasing.

But after two days, I again got the same problem. Again I have to waste my an hour to register the complaint. Again got the new case id.

Again after registering the complaint, their technician visit my home. As he already repaired it before he decided to replace this with new one. He ordered the fan.

After that my case is closed on 11/6/16

Here is the another case regarding noise issue in my HDD. I wasted my 2 hours to make this case registered. As they were not alotting the engineer visit at my home. First I installed both these drivers 


After installing these, problem was still there.

After that they registered a new case.

Here is the confirmation email.

After registering the complaint the technician visit at my home. He checked the HDD as the noise was coming from it. He ordered the HDD.

On 30th March, I again installed OS in it after installing the OS again i got the same problem. I called the technician . What he questioned me is 

It was not making the noise in BIOS then how it can make noise.

As a technician he should know or also he can read this about bios .

I again registered my complaint that day. The same technician again visit my home. He contact their senior departement and I dont know what he talked with him. Before left my home he said me to call the customer care again and also I will contact to my manager regarding all this and let you know until evening. In the evenimg I again complained at HP toll free no. And talked to senior departement. What they tell me is 

We had sent an email to the manager as we can’t disclose it with you. But soon you will get a reply from us

 Ok then the call ended. Next day their technitian stopped attending my call as it was his fault that he had not give me any notice what his manager said him. I again call on HP customer care toll free no. Asked them to make conference with the technician, He attend the call then and said

I already asked my manager about this and he will let you know

Again I cant did anything. I waited till the evening and again call on HP customer care. I was again wastage of time as everytime I call them, I wasted minimum one hour on them without getting any solution. What the senior departement was saying that had sent the email to manager and we will let you know soon. But the question is

Does it takes 12 hours to read an email?

The same procedure I had done yesterday but no one is there to read an email, no one is ready to disclose anything. As sunday is off I can’t do anything today! There is no way you can complain to any of the senior departement. As they can’t disclose anything with you but you can

  • Miss your projects
  • Can’t read anything if you have interviews.
  • Never contact with any manager on conference.
  • Spend hours daily regarding your complaint.
  • Can’t use linux as they dont support it. But also their technician dont know anything about it.
  • Can’t see the progress about your complaint.
  • Spend more on products for their service.

I am proudly say to my clients that I can’t did your work because

I have a branded laptop that is being repaired from last 7 days and is in same situation but now I have no data in it.

They are processing my case and I dont know where it reached!!!

It is amazing experience i got with HP. As the no. of times your product can be repaired with in a year. After that you should extend your warranty

Unless it will cost you more than macbook for repairing because same problems can be occured again.

I am little safe because my notebook is in warranty else I had to pay for 5k for HDD and again that problem can be occured.

Amazing thing is that the technician does not know what the problem is!

Unfortunately, your product service has not performed well because same problem occuring again as the technician does not know anything. I am disappointed because the product does not work properly, the service was not performed correctly, I was billed the wrong amount, something was not disclosed clearly. To resolve the problem, I would appreciate it if you could charge me extra for giving me a good product or providing me a good service.


6 thoughts on “HP product reviews | Don’t buy a HP laptop”

  1. The whole post seems relatable to me too. Last year i had also bought a HP laptop. With in the first week it starts giving issues like overheating, noise etc. i registered my complaints via emails. then after 1 week their Engineer come to my place check problems. He inspects the laptop for 2-3 hour but unable to resolve my problems and at last he leave my place by saying ” he didn’t have his all equipments now , he will visit later ” but he didn’t come after that. then i registered my complaints but there is no proper reply. after wasting my 50 k and 3 months. i have decided buy new laptop of another company.


  2. I have HP PAVILION n-205tx … ,Within a week after buying i got some display issue which was resolved with in a week as i got a brand new product form the company itself. I think Hp PAVILION series is really good as compare to other ones like you getting a DOS version( will not recommend to any one in future) . I think they should give you a new product as replacement as your laptop has gone through many technical issues under warranty period. Really feel sorry for the inconvenience you faced from Hp customer services. I hope the issue gets resolved ASAP, waiting for your next post regarding the same .

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  3. Gursaman Singh Bedi here ..since I owned Notebook 15 ay007TX And I was very happy that I got connected to Hp family ..But No sooner this product began to show its original colour since first and foremost which is my major problem is that it was having a keyboard problem and then as a Customer I called customer Care.. Then what made me disappointed is the Customer service which is also poor ..

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    1. Last year I bought an HP laptop. Within in a week, there comes the issue that some of the keys of the keyboard were not working. After that, I placed a call to HP technical support for having proper service. Later, the technician came to replace the keyboard, while replacing it, he damaged the sound card. Again the complaint about the latter was registered which again took so many days. So, I could suggest the same “Don’t buy HP Laptop” after experiencing all this.

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