Daily Dairy

Day 1 Week 6

Today, I installed BIM Server on my Lubuntu. It was not working before in Ubuntu because it consumes too much RAM as compared to Lubuntu. I installed the required plugins then created a new project.  I tried to query using Bimql plugin but it was giving the error. Then I followed Daman's blog to query the model.… Continue reading Day 1 Week 6

Daily Dairy

How to install Polr in Ubuntu 16.04

We can get the latest release of Polr from: https://github.com/cydrobolt/polr/releases Please install the following packages that are required to run the polr sudo apt-get install php-pdo sudo apt-get install php-mysql sudo apt-get install php-mbstring sudo apt-get install php-tokenizer sudo apt-get install php-json sudo apt-get install php-curl Open the directory /var/www/ cd /var/www/ Download the latest… Continue reading How to install Polr in Ubuntu 16.04