Day 4 Week 4

Today, I have written a blog on How to install Polr on Ubuntu 16.04. I takes time because I have installed it second time and¬† there are some installation processes in which we are not clear during first attempt. During first attempt we force to make any software working and don't care on what steps… Continue reading Day 4 Week 4

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How to install Polr in Ubuntu 16.04

We can get the latest release of Polr from: https://github.com/cydrobolt/polr/releases Please install the following packages that are required to run the polr sudo apt-get install php-pdo sudo apt-get install php-mysql sudo apt-get install php-mbstring sudo apt-get install php-tokenizer sudo apt-get install php-json sudo apt-get install php-curl Open the directory /var/www/ cd /var/www/ Download the latest… Continue reading How to install Polr in Ubuntu 16.04