HP service delivery coordinator’s (Punjab) ego.

I followed up with your HP support center and they assured me that your problem will be sorted out but you have to wait until and unless reply from RM side. I don’t know why RM is not taking things seriously even though mails were dropped long back.

 After waited so long, Today i contacted the RM over phone ( 9988412645 ) but RM talked very rudely with me, which was not expected by any customer. Why he can’t spend that time on replying email. He asked me to send the voice recording of noise hard disk, I don’t think so that it is my responsibility. 

I am not happy with the way of talking of both RM and Service Delivery Coordinator (8527487986).  When I asked him to give me timeline in written and let me know the workflow of my case , He replied “I can give you written that it is normal noise” . My question is does he heard? It was like he was not speaking his ego with his job status was coming out.  Kindly take the matter seriously and solve my issue as soon as possible. If you require any assistance from my side then let me know. Moreover, Your support matrix should have more transparency so that everyone would aware of the workflow and it is pending with whom. Now, i am very disappointed with the services provided and contacting at different levels personally which should be come from your side.

I hope that i have explained enough to understand the things.


As they have high profile jobs they can’t listen to low profile peoples. What I said him today morning was

Please disclose something with me. Give me written or write me an email about timeline of processing the case.

what they sent me in email is:

Without any visit of engineer. They decided it as normal because it was matter of their ego. So, unexpectedly this is the solution given by HP. 

This is what I replied them:



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