Daily Dairy

Working on ArchBang.

I have been working on ArchBang for last three days. I don’t had any plan to change from Ubuntu to ArchBang. I installed Gnome on my Ubuntu 15.10 while removing the Gnome packages unfortunately I also removed lightdm and gdm packages. The reason for removing Gnome is same as uninstalling any launcher from your smartphone that you installed to make your interface beautiful then I want any linux OS that have a little GUI and tend to work me on command line. Amritpal suggest me to install Arch linux he gave me .iso file of Arch Linux. It was to be installed from command line. I read the Readme file carefully but I stucked because it needs an ethernet connection. I also enable USB tethering from my mobile but it did not work. Then Amritpal asked me to download ArchBang because it provides GUI for installation. I downloaded the .iso file from below link:


After that I host image from my rooted android device using DriveDroid application. The major steps for installing ArchBang are creating root/ and home/ directory in /mnt/ directory then I mounted my root and home partitions to /mnt/root/ and /mnt/home/ . After successful installation system reboots but it has no GUI. I asked Mandeep for help because he is familiar with Arch commands. While running:

$ sudo pacman -Sy

I was facing an error because I didn’t enable any mirror in mirrorlist.


Then I uncommented India and it’s servers. while installing ArchBang I forgot to format the root partition. Then again I reinstalled it by formatting root partition. But it still was giving the error while running startx then Mandeep installed Xfce and ask me to run GUI from startxfce4 command. But after installing Xfce command startx is also working. Now while installing or removing any package I was getting error

warning: config file /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist, line 226: directive 'Server' in section 'options' not recognized.

Then I uncommented Testing in /etc/pacman.conf file and Now, I am free from this error.

Thanks Amritpal and Mandeep. 🙂


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