Working on Experimental Server.

Today, I worked on Experimental Server that teach me something about:

$ sudo

I logged into Experimental Server using:

$ ssh iamjagjeetubhi@

But I was not able to open my server in browser using link:

I was getting the error:

403 Forbidden
You don’t have permissions to access /~iamjagjeetubhi/ on this server.

I was continuously giving execution permission for others to public_html directory using:

$ sudo chmod o+rx public_html

and getting the error:

“iamjagjeetubhi is not in the sudoers file.
This incident will be reported.”

At last I came to know I don’t have sudo power. So, I can’t use sudo then I tried above command without sudo :

$ chmod o+rx public_html

Finally, it works and now I can see my public_html directory in browser 🙂


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